Theme Options


Last Update: 14 March 2020


This template comes with few Basic Options to help you further customize your Joomla website. You can choose from logo displaying, to what type of fonts you want on the website. To change the template basic options you simply need to follow the steps below.

Login into the Administration Control Panel of your Joomla website.

Navigate to Extensions > Templates. Click on the title of your Joomla template.

Below you'll see the templates basic options. There are several basic options to change here so we suggest you play around with them to see what best suits your Joomla website.


Basic Options


Header options

Change Header Background. Easy change the header background with a new Image.

Set with Horizontial or Vertical Alignment options the plase you want to add the image, center, left or right. 

You can stretch the image with options fill, uniform or uniform to fill. 

Add a site title, font size for the title and Heading Tag for the title. 

Display site slogan, font size for the site slogan and Heading Tag for the slogan.



SlideShow Options

Replace the slideshow images and choose if the slideshow is eligible to appears only on first page or on every page. 



Footer Options

Display every single social media with the image or icon you want.

Display the footer copyright and the footer designed option.